Our Core Values

We don’t really believe in forcing yourself to create core values. Overall, a team that works well together naturally shares at least some of the same values anyway as they work towards the same goals. It would be clear pretty early on if that wasn’t the case. But at a time when you’re looking to grow, setting these out clearly from the top down really helps at many different levels.

First it helps you know exactly what kind of person you are looking for when going through a hiring process. It can give a clear focus on what qualities to look for and see if the prospective new hire can be a god culture fit.

On the other side, publishing these values openly is also effective in attracting potential new hires to you. As they identify your company as a probable good fit for them and have the motivation to approach you based on the environment they can expect.

Lastly and crucially, it can be an effective way in attracting new customers to your business. 64% of customers cite shared values as a reason why they identify with a given brand, and they put less emphasis on other influential factors such as price in favour of those values.

Based on that we decided to publish the inVibe Core Values here. We are finding a permanent place for them on our website but in the meantime here they are and we’d love to know what you think.

1. Always give back to customers
Brands always take from customers (through data, money, reviews, promotion), we focus on giving back to them.
2. Be Positive
What seemed like a setback has almost always turned into 2 steps forward, don’t give up.
3. Drive Change
The fun part is that we keep on moving, companies that settle get left behind. Embrace change and get your direction from what the customers need most.
4. Keep on Learning
Never turn down the chance to better yourself. Always keep reading and continue to grow as a person. What we do is hard, but challenging yourself is the only way to improve as a person and as a company.
5. One Step at a Time
When tackling a big issue, it’s easy to get lost in the big picture and lose track of what’s at hand. Take everything one step at a time. Small victories but often is better than one big defeat.
6. Start at 0
Never base what you do on “that’s always how it was done”. We’re pushing the boundaries, so always start at 0 to know what’s essential in achieving what you want.
7. Be uncomfortable
Most of the time, the answer lies outside of your comfort zone. Be prepared to do what’s necessary and find skills you ever knew you had in you.
8. Stay honest
We all work as a team. Being honest with everyone about the issues at hand is the only way to solve them.