What Is InVibe And How Do I Pay With It?

InVibe is a free app that enables you to pay with your phone. InVibe also powers a number of other apps, branded specifically for some of our partner merchants, that have various customized features.

Why should I pay with InVibe?

Paying with your phone is fun, fast, and super convenient!
When you pay with InVibe, you save money.
Pay with InVibe every time you visit. As you do, you’ll progress towards unlocking additional savings at that business. There’s no fine print. There’s no need to buy a deal, claim an offer or print anything out.
Ready to get started?
Download the free InVibe app or visit www.invibe.me to join.
Register and link a valid form of payment to get your unique InVibe QR Code.
Head to your favorite InVibe business and pay with InVibe. To pay, scan your InVibe QR Code at checkout. You’ll get an instant email receipt and push notification detailing your purchase!

How Do I Join InVibe?

Download the free InVibe app for iPhone, Android

Then, register and link a valid form of payment to get your unique InVibe QR Code.

Where Can I Pay With InVibe?

You can pay with InVibe at hundreds of businesses in the UAE.

Browse In App: Tap the Stores icon on the home screen. [Note: This will only show you businesses near your GPS-targeted location.] Looking for more specific search tools? You can tap the Locations icon (iPhone, Android) at the top to use an interactive map.

How Do I Reset My Password?

After inputting your email address, tap the ‘Forgot Password’ button.
You’ll be prompted to confirm your email address and click Submit.
Once submitted, this will send you an automated e-mail with a link to reset your password (check your Spam folder if you don’t see it right away).
Click the ‘Reset My Password’ button included in the email.
This will open up to a new window, which will allow you to reset and confirm a new password.

How Do I Change The Payment Method Linked To My InVibe Account?

You can manage your payment method(s) from the InVibe app or the Control Panel online.

From the app:

Open the InVibe app and login
Open Manage > Credit Card
Tap the ‘Add New” button at the bottom of the screen
Select Debit Card or Credit Card
Fill in your card information (or scan your card in!) and then tap the ‘Link Card’ button

What Types Of Cards Can I Link To My InVibe Account?

You can link any valid credit or debit card to your InVibe account. International cards are also supported.

Can I Pay With InVibe Without A Smartphone?

In order to ensure that all InVibe users have the same high-quality experience, at this time, the the only way to continue doing so is by using our app for iOS, Android.

How Do I Earn Credit?

There are several ways to earn credit when you pay with InVibe! Loyalty is one of the most common campaigns businesses run on the InVibe platform. When you pay with InVibe, you automatically progress towards earning loyalty credit at participating locations

Businesses periodically offer other types of rewards, such as birthday credit, anniversary credit, reengagement credit, and many others. These wonderful offerings will be sent to your app to claim

How Do I Use Credit?

Once you’ve unlocked credit, it is automatically added to your account.

To use this credit, tap the “plus” button under your balance using the app. The credit is automatically applied to your balance and will show on your receipt as ‘Credit Applied.’

Easy as that!

Does Credit Expire?

Global and loyalty credit does not expire.

Where Can I See My inVibe Transaction History?

Your inVibe Transaction History is located in the app.
Open the inVibe app and login
Open Manage > tap Receipts
Tap on an entry to view credit, tip and other details