Changing People’s Behaviour

Apple unveils new gadgets

The term “wearable technology” always pissed me off. It’s a definition that has become so loosely used that it creates such false validation for products, no matter how bad they are, to be classified among some great inventions in the new generation of innovation.

I’d have to go on to say that Apple, in this day and age, is not in the technology business that includes the other players in the game that we all know. Apple is in The Business of Changing People’s Behaviour, and no other company in the industry has come close to having that impact on it’s customers, ever.

The iPhone changed the world. The way we behave using mobile devices changed forever with the creation of mobile apps and app stores, creating entirely new industries and opportunities for billions of people to benefit.

Apple did that.

Other companies do this now, but they arrived after, post behavioural change, which made the sales pitch much easier having something to benchmark yourself on.

Tablet computers were available for years with no traction at all, until Apple entered the game with the iPad, which created the behaviour shift that led to massive adoption of tablets from a variety of brands.

Yesterday we saw the Apple Watch. And it is my hope that this new device pushes forward the new wave of real wearable tech, bringing advancements in home security, medical research, health & fitness AND (most importantly for us) mobile payments.

No other company has this type of impact.

Sure, they might have comparable technology, or similar design features. But the ability to change behaviour is the holy grail of tech innovation because it gives a company the power to tell it’s customers what they need, and convince them to buy into it for the long term.

I say that, because it’s a challenge we face every day. Convincing customers to change their behaviour from making a payment using a mobile device, rather than their wallets is a big ask. Which is why we are happy to have a company like Apple push forward with Apple Pay and lay the groundwork to changing people’s behaviour towards payments. The invention of the Apple Watch should compound the effort, as the ability to pay using your watch is an offer most people will not refuse.

Yesterday we witnessed once again, Apple is providing the best tools to bring on behavioural change using technology. We would hope that we can further this effort by creating great products to best utilise these features and make people’s lives even easier every day.

With the growing adoption of Apple Pay in the US, we get even more encouraged that we are building something useful which can have an impact on the world, and we hope that in time we can see that impact on every day life.